My Favorite peeps call me Auntie shirt, tank unisex, v-neck

My Favorite peeps call me Auntie shirt
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This shirt is for all the aunties out there! My favorite peeps call me auntie! This would make a great team party/ team building idea! My annual Favorite Things party with some of my favorite peeps! I always do a “favorite things” party around the holidays, it is so much fun! Agreed Cool post thanks so much. This is absolutely stunning. Thank you for sharing you beautiful home with us.

My Favorite peeps call me Auntie shirt

Since being promoted to Aunty I’ve been peed and vomited on too many times to count (you’d be amazed how easily vomit finds its way into your bra). I’ve rocked crying babies to sleep until my legs feel like lead, I’ve kissed bruised knees, read a thousand bedtime stories and wiped what I hope is chocolate off of dirty faces.

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My Favorite peeps call me Auntie tank unisex
tank unisex

Much the same as a smaller than normal estimated closest companion, we watch motion pictures together (generally Frozen). We move together in my room to Taylor Swift and we lie on my bed while he talks to me about bugs. We go to bistros together and arrange child chinos. He supposes I’m wonderful when I’m not wearing any make-up and discloses to me he adores me while holding my hand.

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Being an Aunty is the best gift in my life. It’s shown me such a great amount about parenthood and awoken within me an unadulterated love I’ve never felt. So next time I’m at the recreation center and mixed up for a mum I’ll guarantee it again with no delay.

My Favorite peeps call me Auntie guy shirt
guy shirt
My Favorite peeps call me Auntie v-neck