Bae black and educated shirt and v-neck

Bae black and educated shirt
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I recently started my own business and as a means to generate start funds I created some apparel for women who are BAE, Black And Educated. If you like this shirt, buy it now before lose it forever. Available on more style: shirt, v-neck, hoodie, tank top ….

Bae black and educated shirt

Bae black and educated. I do it for my ladies… Crazy, Sexy, Cool is what we do.. I’m so happy to design a line that speaks to the modern girl & woman. The way you dress should be a reflection of your personality and confidence.

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Bae black and educated lady v-neck
lady v-neck

So whether you prefer to dress it up or just have a chill day you’ll look and feel good however you decide to wear it. I feel blessed to pass the on. Here are a few easy, edgy, girl-on-the-go items we’ve added to the Tashirts store. Thank you to my partners for helping me create a brand that speaks to the me. Happy Birthday to my Boss Bae Mom! I love you Mom and so blessed to be your spawn. I’m thankful for everything you do for Violet, the girls and I and have always been so lucky to have a vibrant, strong and smart woman like yourself to look up to! May this year be incredibly successful for you and all of us and you experience infinite happiness! Love you! Tina you look good.

Be a cool BAE with us!

Bae black and educated hoodie
Bae black and educated sweatshirt