I am 39+ 40th birthday shirt and v-neck

I am 39+ 40th birthday shirt

So I’m about to be 39+1 in a few days & kinda sad to be leaving my 30’s but feeling blessed to have 4 awesome kids & an amazing husband. I’ve made a good life for myself. I may not have a ton of money or lots of material things but I do alright & I have amazing friends and family which is better than anything money could buy. If you like this shirt, buy it now.

I am 39+ 40th birthday shirt

I will be having a huge 40th bday party but it’ll be in the summer when my baby girl gets out. I can’t have a party without all my babies there. It’ll be a 40th bday & welcome home party all in one. I am 39+ 40th birthday. Everyone is welcome to come. comment on this status & I’ll make sure to send u an invite

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I am 39+ 40th birthday guy shirt
guy shirt

Today would have been my parents 40th anniversary. Iam thankful for the 39+ years that they loved each other. Iam thankful that they fulfilled their commitment to each other and to God, until death did they part. Today I pray for my Dad and for the future that God holds for all of our relationships. Bless our family oh God!

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