Where to purchase: Cow yeah I’ve got OCD old cranky and dangerous shirt

Cow yeah I've got OCD old cranky and dangerous shirt


The coat is short but very thick, less hairy, so the care does not take much time. COW YEAH I’VE GOT OCD OLD CRANKY AND DANGEROUS. Besides, the cat has round face, cheekbones, short nose and a big tail. The ideal weight of British short-haired cats is 4 kg – 8.5 kg. This is a cat who does not like the noise, likes to play with children, and likes to follow the master’s feet, and often enlist in the hearts of the family members. However, in moments of excitement, this cat will play cat and mouse games with its shadow, or with some things in the house. Rarely do you see short-haired cats. You jump on bookshelves, refrigerators, televisions or things that sit on high. When playing, do not pick them up and go here and there, it seems they are only reassuring when their feet touch the ground. Although he likes to wrap tangerines with everyone, this cat still knows to have fun when the host family is away.

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