(100K Sold) Flamingo We’re More Than Just Teacher Friends shirt

Flamingo We're More Than Just Teacher Friends shirt


Chadwick Boseman plays on T’Challa in Marvel Movie (MCU), he first appeared in Captain America: Superhero Civil War (2016). FLAMINGO WE’RE MORE THAN JUST TEACHER FRIENDS. In the film, he is shown the speed, agility, strength and durability are enhanced, thanks to being mind-shaped herb shaped heart, as in comics. His suit has retractable claws and is made of a vibrating textile thread, which can deflect heavy machine guns and resist explosive attacks. From the Black Panther film: Black Leopard Warrior (2018). He wears a new variation of the kinetic energy-absorbing outfit (represented by a striking purple color) and frees it in a light purple shock wave after enough energy is accumulated.

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