Harley Quinn that’s my girl shirt, hoodie and v-neck

Harley Quinn that’s my girl shirt
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Do you love Harley Quinn – sweet member of the Suicide Squad? OMG I live it!! Literally the perfect shirt for Harley’s fans!! All the clips and voiceovers flowed so well! I love the combo of the 2 blowing/popping bubble gum shots and the part where it says “you’ve been hurt before” and you see the joker fall and then right after when it says “you got up before” and she acts okay when she sees the team again. Another amazing shirt!

Harley Quinn that’s my girl shirt

I want her on my side after all yea you would seeing how your one of them! Harley Quinn that’s my girl. No this goes out to all the ladies out there you to always need to remain the girls we are take them down if no one else will! Besides there is more of us then them!

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Harley Quinn that’s my girl lady v-neck
lady v-neck

And if they refuse to grow up well then I guess it’s our job to wake them the hell up to begin again at protecting us instead of them! I’m sure after they taken enough beatings they’ll wise up after all that’s what they shared with each other after all those boy’s just laughed and laughed I wouldn’t laugh if I were all of you you haven’t seen nothing yet!

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Harley Quinn that’s my girl hoodie
Harley Quinn that’s my girl guy shirt
guy shirt

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