Dogs – Sofa king awesome shirt, youth tee and sleeveless tee

Dogs - Sofa king awesome shirt
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All of my pups are so beautiful and I’m honored to have produced so many well balanced nice looking German Shepherds many of you know Dana will no longer breed and will be a couch potatoes probably watching Lexy thinking she has no clue about Pups. Dogs – Sofa king awesome. If you love dogs, then this shirt for you.

Dogs – Sofa king awesome shirt

I also decided to cut Kings Balls to prevent over breeding I will be importing a German Shepherd from the Czech Republic so King will also be a couch potatoe enjoying his golden years with me as well. So if you own a King line German Shepherd I’m happy you got one they are amazingdogs!

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Dogs - Sofa king awesome lady shirt
lady shirt

This girl is so special. They warned me at the shelter that Queen doesn’t like to be picked up and then today said she can be testy with handling. I’m sure she’s in pain but since taking a long nap she has been nothing but cuddles. My friend and I made a makeshift step to the couch and she hopped her little toosh up here and is such a LOVE!!! Kisses and she’s laying on my lap now. This dog is so amazing. I think she’s just happy to have her own space and some peace and quiet.

Dogs - Sofa king awesome youth tee
youth tee
Dogs - Sofa king awesome sleeveless tee
sleeveless tee