Aquaman Jason Momoa Autographed shirt, sweatshirt, v-neck

Aquaman Jason Momoa Autographed shirt

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Aquaman Jason Momoa Autographed shirt

I wrote this song and I hope it gets out the word of the way Obama put his Muslim Brothers into the White House and has had 8 years to implant Muslims in small communities to get voted into our political offices. Because Obama knew if he became President he could then become the Muslim leader of the greatest Nation in America.

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So very sad, we blindly trusted him. We trusted the Hillary being secretary of the State and using so many servers that contained top security. So much illegal use that she had them destroyed. Aquaman Jason Momoa Autographed. Latterly smashed and bleached because it was proof she sold America out to the highest bidders. So 8 years of them being at the top, with Obama using the stroke of a pen to go over Congress he placed America in great harm. We are running out of time. We need to bring most of our troops home to protect our boarders and help the President use Marshall Law so he can make all the decisions needed to protect America from be coming a Muslim Nation.

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