Erik Killmonger Hey Auntie shirt, tank unisex, sweatshirt

Erik Killmonger Hey Auntie shirt

“Hey Auntie” – If Erik Killmonger was a rapper . I agreed with this villain so much and it made me enjoy the movie even more. I had to make a song for him.Erik Killmonger Hey AuntieKillmonger shirt, awesome and funny shirt. Do you like it? Buy it now!

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I almost feel like I need to wear a Erik Killmonger hey auntie shirt that carries this same message. Poppy and her BFF, Manny, (both of the terrible Erik Killmonger hey auntie shirt), try their best to be ambassadors of walking etiquette. Erik Killmonger, “Hey Auntie!” using blue ballpoint pen, so many textures to play with and I’ve been wanting to do an ink pen drawing for sometime now.

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Erik Killmonger Hey Auntie lady shirt
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A native of Wakanda, he was born under the name N’Jadaka. When Ulysses Klaue and his mercenaries attacked Wakanda, they press-ganged N’Jadaka’s father into helping them; when Klaue was defeated, his father died and his family was exiled. N’Jadaka ended up in Harlem, New York, nursing a hatred against the supervillain and T’Challa, the king who’d exiled him. He changed his name to Erik Killmonger and studied at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, desperate to avenge his father’s death.

Erik Killmonger Hey Auntie sweatshirt
Erik Killmonger Hey Auntie tank unisex
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