Nakia Okoye Shuri chibi shirt, sweatshirt, flowy tank

Nakia Okoye Shuri chibi shirt

I absolutely agree with Ms. Kessock- the feminism of Black Panther is much more inclusive than, and superior to, the feminism of Wonder Woman (though, don’t get me wrong, I still love WW!LOL. Do you like Nakia Okoye Shuri? Buy this shirt now before lose it forever.

Nakia Okoye Shuri chibi shirt

Of course, the women in this movie (Nakia, Shuri, Okoye, Queen Ramonda) are fierce – and they know it! But, the men are also clearly feminists! Nakia Okoye Shuri chibi. King T’Challa (and other male Wakandan leaders) not only embrace women as their equals and value their expertise, but they also reject the western notions of masculinity, by showing true compassion and empathy — what we often, unfortunately, see as “feminine” traits.

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Nakia Okoye Shuri chibi flowy tank
flowy tank

With all of the toxic masculinity, mass shootings, rampant sexual assault, abuse, and the many other dangers facing women today, a woman-only paradise like Themyscira (in WW) may sound tempting. But, to me (and many of my feminist brothers and sisters), a true paradise is one in which men and women can live side-by-side, and appreciate and love one another as equals. TRUE feminism desires a world where we ALL feel valued and safe. THAT is what makes Wakanda such an incredible FEMINIST utopia and (plus a host of other reasons) what makes it something we should all aspire to.

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Nakia Okoye Shuri chibi sweatshirt
Nakia Okoye Shuri chibi guy shirt
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