The River Bottom Nightmare Band shirt, long sleeve tee, sweatshirt

The River Bottom Nightmare Band shirt

All week long I have asked myself what music means to me and how important is music in life? It really had me thinking and I finally decided I wanted to share my thoughts with others. The River Bottom Nightmare Band. Buy this shirt now if you want it.

The River Bottom Nightmare Band shirt

I have played a lot of gigs and different types of gigs throughout my career. While thinking years ago that playing only big venues in front of thousands would make me happy.

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This way I had the satisfaction of thinking I really accomplished something. Ha! I could have not been so far from the truth. Throughout my time of playing I now see music is suppose to move people. Music is suppose to tell a story. A song is suppose to move people in ways and make them see what you are singing/playing about. Honestly, some of the best times I’ve had playing music is with a crowd of about 10-20 people because I feel as though I really connected with those people with the music I played. Also, think about a world without music. The River Bottom Nightmare Band. I will never say I’m the best because I’m NOT! But I’m eager to grow and I believe people shouldn’t concentrate on being the best. Be eager and dedicated to learning as much as possible! Obviously we live in a world where it’s competition in all fields. So if you really want something go after it! But if you don’t get a certain position whether it be job, team, music, etc… related stay motivated and eager to LEARN! Keep going after it and never give up. Fall forward!

The River Bottom Nightmare Band sweatshirt
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