Charmed Squad shirt and hoodie

Charmed Squad shirt

Holly Marie Combs recently reunited with her on-screen husband, Brian Krause Official aka Leo, and son, Drew Fuller aka Chris Halliwell. Me too, no reboot should have asked the original cast back. Goodness I have watch the whole series 10 times over. They left it wide open for a reboot. Charmed Squad. Buy this shirt now if you want it.

Charmed Squad shirt

They’re in there 40s now wth would they be in a reboot except for guest appearances. Oh wow nice Reunion of Holly Marie Combs , Drew Fuller and Brian Krause as well. I love watching Charmed.

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Charmed Squad lady shirt
lady shirt

And if they headed over to the General Hospital set, they could have had Wyatt in the pic too. Idea of Chris and Bianca being meant to be regardless of whether Wyatt was evil or not, PLUS Marisol is already on Riverdale so it wouldn’t be difficult to schedule her shooting schedule seeing as how it’s all in the family so to speak. Charmed Squad. I would focus my hypothetical Charmed next generation series on Piper’s granddaughters from Chris why? Well  I liked Chris better , but also b/c I always felt like he was the under appreciated brother until everything went to hell in a hand basket & he showed his true.

Charmed Squad hoodie
Charmed Squad long sleeve tee
long sleeve tee

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