Deadpool and baby Groot shirt, tank top, v-neck

Deadpool and baby Groot shirt

I know this is for DP, but I think this also fits the aftermath of Infinity War. Well no wonder you couldn’t afford Hugh Jackman! You got Céline Dion! Priorities Wade, Priorities. If you love him, buy this shirt today before lose it forever.

Deadpool and baby Groot shirt

Deadpool and baby Groot.  I think I won’t be able to hold the seriousness of performing a song like Celine Dion does most especially if DP dances passionately with it!

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Deadpool and baby Groot lady shirt
lady shirt
Deadpool and baby Groot guy v-neck
guy v-neck
Deadpool and baby Groot tank top
tank top

When Deadpool 2 is released to bluray/DVD, you all NEED to have a making-of documentary of this video. Also, Deadpool himself needs to have a director’s commentary of the movie. Please? Seriously, I hate to say this but Celine Dion is not someone I care for. I was really bummed to see her be a part of the sound track.  I’m sorry Ryan but I love your style of acting, comedy but these deadpool movies I refuse to watch because you’re better than these raunchy comedies. Deadpool is way worse than raunchy. I don’t even see the humour in them and I know that our mutual friend Connor had a blast when you came to watch the first one with him in the hospital and I’m grateful he found humour but that’s all I am.

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Deadpool and baby Groot guy shirt (style 2)
Deadpool and baby Groot guy shirt (style 2)

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