Deadpool and Stitch shirt and sweater

Deadpool and Stitch shirt

Theres a reason why it was part of the deleted scenes and most likely was not polished unlike other Colossus scenes in the movie. It’s also because he’s supposed to be stiff because he’s made of metal. Deadpool and Stitch. Buy this shirt now if you are fans of Deadpool and Stich.

Deadpool and Stitch shirt

Never heard a name like urs. Could no one agree on a name? Now about ur opinion, don’t have to agree. Just found humor in ur name. Had to be interesting in school. Masahiko not really no, it the 2nd and 3rd names are my middle names. I have them on here so it’s easier for people to find me.

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Deadpool and Stitch lady shirt
lady shirt

The entire movie should have been deleted. Just because it’s a Deadpool film doesn’t mean it must be stupid. Yukio was very unused in the movie. If you are going to introduce a character give her more than 10 seconds of screen fight time. I want a horror movie that’s a faux reboot of nightmare on elm st where ryan reynolds plays deadpool playing freddy krueger. Deadpool and Stitch. I’m assuming they never finished editing this scene because colossus looks faker than a pornstars tit.

Deadpool and Stitch hoodie
Deadpool and Stitch sweater

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