Autism Deadpool Adidas Pew Pew shirt, youth tee, sweatshirt

Autism Deadpool Adidas Pew Pew shirt
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Even though I want to, I am not going to tell you that my daughter has autism. After all, she is just a three year old child. Autism Deadpool Adidas Pew Pew. Buy this shirt for “lovely autism” now. Great gift for anyone, high quality with more style and color vaerity that you choose.

Autism Deadpool Adidas Pew Pew shirt

My 9 yr old son has ASD. If anyone pities me, or says “I’m so sorry, or anything of that nature, it pisses me off. I’m sure some people mean well and they just don’t know what to say so I cut them some slack. We love him just the way he is. No pity is necessary.

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Autism Deadpool Adidas Pew Pew lady shirt
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My 2 1/2 year old was recently diagnosed with autism. He is not the stereotypical diagnosis. He does not speak either. Honestly, talking about his autism has almost become an ice breaker in some ways, and in others it brings about the stigma, depending on the person. Some hear the word and automatically seem to understand. They actually seem to become more welcoming towards him and encouraging. Some are so genuinely inquisitive and want to learn about it that I’m happy to tell the little I know. Others start making suggestions such as detoxing him from the heavy metals in vaccines and/or physical violence to force him into compliance. Those people…. Those I avoid like the plague. I’m not afraid of his diagnosis. Autism Deadpool Adidas Pew Pew. Yes, there is a stigma, but I’ve lived with stigmas my entire life due to my own conditions. The more we hide the less exposure there is and nothing will ever get better. I feel for this Mama, and I hope some day she will no longer be afraid.

Autism Deadpool Adidas Pew Pew youth tee
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Autism Deadpool Adidas Pew Pew sweatshirt

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