Deadpool Freddie Mercury Queen shirt, hoodie, sweatshirt

Deadpool Freddie Mercury Queen shirt

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Deadpool Freddie Mercury Queen shirt

Only a traitor says out loud he’s proud to shut down the US government. I myself and the people of the United States will do what we must to stop Donnie Boy from here on out. You leave your home and car unlocked at night? I bet your family is proud of you to put them at risk.

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There is no doubt that our President D.J.Trump is one of the best. Always goes beyond what is expected of him.Working constantly on behalf of the American people. Never takes a dime for being this Country’s Leader and President. America is doing great under his presidency and everything goes as planned. Deadpool Freddie Mercury Queen. I will definitely vote for him again. Finally a president that has the guts to stand up to China instead of rolling over for them and their quest for global conquest. Dont know how you do it. Never seen so many people against one man. Please hang in there The Donald, now our Preesident. Love our Flotus. Such class. But decided it wasn’t worth it, so I decided to comment about not commenting, just so you know how not worth it this whole discussion is.

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