Deadpool glock perfection shirt and hoodie

Deadpool glock perfection shirt
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All right Marvel heads, answer the question: why is it that Deadpool is not going to be fighting the good fight against Thanos on the 27th? Yes yes, he’s supposedly not in the Marvel Universe, yet is a Marvel movie and they mention Thanos. Deadpool glock perfection. And your answers are Go! Buy this shirt now if you love him.

Deadpool glock perfection shirt

Can’t have all the Marvel Universe in The Infinity War, it would be way to jumbled although I would love to see The Fantastic Four in it! It’s part of his character. He also mentioned DC but he’s not gonna show up in the Justice League sequel.

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Deadpool glock perfection lady shirt
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Jeff Teall you sure? IMDB doesn’t have him listed at all, nor does it have Infinity War listed under his filmography and imdb is usually 100% accurate I’ve never seen them wrong personally. And I think something as big as that would be there if it were true. Deadpool glock perfection. Disney owns marvel, Lucas films and fox. So Deadpool could be in everything from solo, the maybe final Star Wars ever, to the whatever marvel can think of, fantastic four, anything X-men related or maybe even Batman. All Disney needs to do is own DC comics.

Deadpool glock perfection hoodie
Deadpool glock perfection sweater

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