Marvel deadpool splatter icon shirt, youth tee and hoodie

Marvel deadpool splatter icon shirt

They are releasing a shortened version of my son’s video for proton therapy at Cincincinnati Children’s on their website Friday. They are timing it with the Deadpool release because his mask during radiation was Deadpool. “If you have cancer and have to be strapped to a table and tortured to survive… Always be Deadpool.”

Marvel deadpool splatter icon shirt

Just seen and it was amazing… Marvel deadpool splatter icon. I absolutely loved it. I thought the 1st film would be hard to beat but you did it with this one. And the post credits scene is the best marvel one I have seen so far it was hilarious xx.

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Marvel deadpool splatter icon lady shirt
lady shirt

Its time for them to back off on those meds and start bringing me out of that self induced coma. (this is a time sensitive delivered A.I. message sent into the future a few days after the original Deadpool). I watched it last night and it was a hilarious movie start to finish. Ryan Reynolds you never cease to amaze me with your performance as the merc with a mouth. I’ve seen the movie and it’s awesome! I was lucky to see it in English instead of Italian and I hope translation won’t change the sense of some jokes! Thumbs up 4 Deadpool 2 ! I hope there’s material to complete a trilogy.

Marvel deadpool splatter icon hoodie
Marvel deadpool splatter icon youth tee
youth tee

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