Don’t Kermit Suicide shirt, hoodie, tank top

Don't Kermit Suicide shirt

With friends like these, I’ll never lack for music, laughter, or shoes filled with tapioca. When did Kermit wear shoes? I don’t think I have seen him with shoes on. Don’t Kermit suicide. Except in The Muppet Movie when he wore cowboy boots. Buy this shirt now if you love Kermit.

Don’t Kermit Suicide shirt

Come on down to SF, California!! Also back on TV we miss all you funny cute charming adorable Muppets! I love you Kermit. You have brought a smile to my face for over 40 years. Thank you.

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Don't Kermit Suicide lady shirt
lady shirt

Frogs are the most important creatures in the world, but life is only worth living with good friends! I like your friends. I love how they bring me joy and also joy to other adults! We need them more than ever today! All of your comments make me giggle! We carry the weight, the weight of the world, It’s breakin’ us down on our backs like a boulder. Don’t Kermit suicide. Before it’s too late, get rid of it, girl, get it off of our shoulders. We’ve all been used, and we gotta lose the weight of the world.

Don't Kermit Suicide hoodie
Don't Kermit Suicide tank top
tank top

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