Adidas Goku kid dragon ball shirt, tank top, sweater

Adidas Goku kid dragon ball shirt

Goku kid from Dragon Ball! Another commission! I love making these commissions! I love Goku and he was the biggest inspiration for me when I started to draw! I hope you like! Colors soon! for commissions send me a message. Do you love him? Then this shirt for you.

Adidas Goku kid dragon ball shirt

I don’t understand why Light is there , will he just write names in NB in the battle as he’s fighting Freeza? Adidas Goku kid dragon ball. We need a move called:”I’ll take a potato chip and eat it!”

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Adidas Goku kid dragon ball lady shirt
lady shirt

I just can’t stand these voices.. I watch Z in Dub but I just can’t stand Super in Dub. The voices are lame and it doesn’t fit at all except for the standard Z crew. I tried to give it a chance but no.. I can’t. I’m only keen to watch the tournament of power, hear keflas real voice jirens that thing from the robot universe.  The dubbed future trunks arc is out!? Hells yeah! Mitch Styles gonna hear fused zamasu and ssgss vegito. This was amazing episode, the dub is phenomenal! I prefer dubbed but the voices for dbs just dont fit i cringed when i first heard cabba.

Adidas Goku kid dragon ball sweater
Adidas Goku kid dragon ball tank top
tank top


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