Beerus with beer shirt, hoodie, tank top

Beerus with beer shirt

Finally , Goku vs. Beerus! Animation was pretty good throughout I honestly don’t understand this bad animation witch hunt ,it was only 1 episode. Beerus with beer. The Kamehameha looked great, and I loved that they’re making a big deal out of SSJG. Buy this shirt now if you love Beerus and Dragon ball.

Beerus with beer shirt

Before Goku was like I’m a god? Ok, here’s my best ! He’s actually happy rather than annoyed and it’s great seeing Goku try to gey used to a new level of power. Getting Beerus back for the finger flick was great too! Also, good foreshadowing of other universes by Whis.

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I like that they haven’t mentioned Goku’s pride yet, that felt a little out of character as Goku was never shown to be prideful before. The only knock I give this episode was the boring filler of the Pilaf gang eating, it lagged thing and felt unnecessary. Beerus with beer. Overall 9/10! Team Universe 7 is a team presented by Beerus, Shin and Whis with the strongest warriors in Universe 7 in order to participate in the Tournament of Destroyers. The team consists of Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Majin Buu, and Monaka introduced as Beerus’ strongest opponent with Beerus and Whis as the team’s supervisors.

Beerus with beer hoodie
Beerus with beer tank top
tank top

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