Goku Piccolo daaaamn shirt, v-neck, tank top

Goku Piccolo daaaamn shirt

Goku? His real name is kakarrot. After reading most of the comments I was hoping to see someone correct this… I’m disappointed in all of you. It is his original name but how many times has he stated that he doesn’t care and “My name is Goku not Kakarot.” Goku Piccolo daaaamn. Buy this shirt now if you love Goku and Piccolo.

Goku Piccolo daaaamn shirt

Of these comments are heated, nah im just playin lol now that you mention it i hadnt even thought about how he real name was kakarot but I could understand that he doesnt really care though.

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Kakarot is his name from planet Vegeta. His Earth name is Goku. And everyone besides Vegeta calls him Goku. It’s like Superman for example his “real” name is Kal-El but everyone calls him his earth names Clark Kent or Superman. Are you a saiyan? Are you from Planet Vegeta? No? Then the name Kakarot should be irrelevant to you. He is literally only called that name by fellow Saiyans like Vegeta, his brother Raditz, and obviously his own father Bardock. Goku Piccolo daaaamn. Hell even Broly calls him “KAKAROT!!!!!!” (exactly like that) even tho he isn’t canon. It’s a saiyan thing. You are from earth, so call him by his earth name like everyone else and in show.

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Goku Piccolo daaaamn tank top
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