Songoku vs Mr Meeseeks shirt, hoodie, youth tee

Songoku vs Mr Meeseeks shirt

The voice should be totally different and sound masculine when Goku is an adult. Imagine if Goku’s American kid voice stayed with him when he was adult. Let that one sink in. I’m standing my ground on this one. If you like Songoku and Rick and Morty too, then this shirt for you.

Songoku vs Mr Meeseeks shirt

Seriously, Sean Schemmel basically has raised two generations of DB fans through the English dub. Songoku vs Mr Meeseeks. People can make their petty anime elitist opinions on why sub over dub, but they’ve proven the Dragon Ball series is a huge exception. Another dub that’s definitely better would be Yu Yu Hakusho.

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Songoku vs Mr Meeseeks lady shirt
lady shirt

What if… the English dub just said the exact same lines as the original subtitles? for me that would be perfect. I really don’t like the sub voice esp for goku but after watching a bunch of the sub content the context is way better. The Toonami Dragon Ball Z, that’s what I grew up on with the original voices in English. But never will I understand why the Goku now is always saying Son Goku. It just don’t sound right, quite frankly I hate it. And also the most hated thing of all, what in the world happened to teen Gohan’s voice.

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Songoku vs Mr Meeseeks youth tee
youth tee
Songoku vs Mr Meeseeks hoodie

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