Golden Girls Queens shirt and hoodie

Golden Girls Queens shirt

I love this show but always wondered, they were in Miami, why such heavy clothes, especially Dorothy, she had layers of clothes on! Golden Girls Queens. They should have been in tank tops and short shorts! Lol! Order this shirt now if you love them too.

Golden Girls Queens shirt

I love this show. It helped me through an anxiety bout I had 10 years ago. This show was the only thing that could calm me. Fast forward 10 years later, as a new mom, I still find so much comfort in it. The last episode always makes me cry along with some others that tug at the heart strings. Also, leave Dorothy’s dress alone lol it was the 80’s!

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Golden Girls Queens lady shirt
lady shirt

It’s funny that the “Rose” is the one who outlived them all and is the funniest of them all as well. Gotta love me some Betty White. Golden Girls Queens. I can’t understand why nearly everyone gets upset about the wedding dress. I bet most of you didn’t look much better at your wedding. Love the Golden Girls!!! I watch the show a lot, and always end up Laughing. That laugh feels Great!!! Specially when there isn’t much to laugh at now Days.

Golden Girls Queens hoodie
Golden Girls Queens sweatshirt

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