Grey’s Anatomy Squad shirt, hoodie, v-neck

Grey's Anatomy Squad shirt

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Grey’s Anatomy Squad shirt

Some folks can’t admit 45 might be wrong in any circumstance
Because the minute they do it would trigger an avalanche that threatens their entire mindset. The impeachment of this President would result in the bloodiest deadliest civil war in the history of the world. Bank on it.

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If judges want to be politicians then let’s make them lose their judicial immunity and hold them accountable, especially financially! Grey’s Anatomy Squad. Mel Mangiaracina I wish we could have judicial responsibility, it’s long overdue, especially today in our criminal justice system. Get Mueller out of there. He’s part of the Russian collusion with Hillary. We all know it. Get Trey Gowdy in a permanent position representing the Constitution. You need him on your side. It is called checks and balances and never in the history of our country is it needed as much as it is now. So thankful the framers of the Constitution were wise enough to foresee how valuable it is for the protection of our country.

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