Gritty Philadelphia Flyers logo shirt, hoodie, sweatshirt

Gritty Philadelphia Flyers logo shirt

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Gritty Philadelphia Flyers logo shirt

I drive past a long train corridor in AZ when I am working and all of the boxes on the cars used to have Chinese writing on them, now they all have American companies on the sides of them. Must be doing something right for all of you naysayers.

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People need to understand how important this is. Short term there will be some rough waters, but in the end China will blink and we will have a trade deal that benefits everyone. Gritty Philadelphia Flyers logo. Thank you for your courage and wisdom on these matters Mr President. He is accomplished record high trade deficits that have increased despite his constant barrage of ‘winning’ he brags about record high stock market prices but he’s silent on the record high trade deficit. The democrats the last 8 year sold out our countries.For years during bush ,obama ,clinton we been kissing china ass.It trump that finally told china american is not going to be taken advantage off..You idiot bias democrate.

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