Groot semper fidelis shirt, tank top and youth tee

Groot semper fidelis shirt
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What does Semper Fidelis mean? Translated literally, the words Semper Fidelis mean “always faithful,” but the Marine Corps motto stands for much, much more. Marines, what does Semper Fidelis mean to you? Do you love this shirt? Buy it now.

Groot semper fidelis shirt

God, Country, Corps, Self- honor before dishonor! The title United States Marine is earned and is an honored to value to the utmost! Marine – you are and forever a Marine! I earned that right in 1968-69! SemperFi I say it proudly and I respect it when I hear SemperFi! Proudly I’m 67 and a United States Marine!

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Groot semper fidelis lady shirt
lady shirt

Means we can walk through Hell and back! And still Stand! Im a Miracle! And behind the scenes on this current operation Im the Finest! Im here for a reason and God’s got the plan. Belonging to a Brotherhood extending back to Tun tavern all the way up until the present day and on into an unknown future . With the knowledge that if there is but one Marine left. , he will be rock solid in his determination to defend our country ! Semper Fi. It means a lot good by or hello always faithful till we meet again marines have used it in many ways.

Groot semper fidelis youth tee
youth tee
Groot semper fidelis tank top
tank top

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