Baby Groot hug Houston Texans shirt, v-neck, sweatshirt

Baby Groot hug Houston Texans shirt

Regardless , it’s amazing how much the Titans have turned around this year and I look forward to next year. Many people (including nonTitan) fans have said that the Titans have played the best football to watch in the South so. Buy this shirt now if you want it.

Baby Groot hug Houston Texans shirt

Baby Groot hug Houston Texans. I love my TEXANS and I’ll bleed red forever but the way they’ve been playing is not good. They need to learn to score touchdowns. Come on TEXANS. All I want for Christmas is an all Texas Superbowl lol.

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Baby Groot hug Houston Texans lady shirt
lady shirt

Titans have tons of draft picks this season 2 first rounders and two second rounders. They overachieved this season under a new coaching staff. Hopefully Mariota heals quick and gets back to full strength. from worst team in the NFL to a possible 9-7 football team is a pretty big jump. They get some good DBs and watch out! Jon Ross would be nice too. Wow…can you imagine what O’Brien could do if he actually had some stability at the QB position? I’m not a Texans fan but I hope Savage can be the guy. He showed some stones there in the 4th quarter when he stood in there to complete that pass. He knew he was about to get drilled but he did what he had to do. I’ve said for a couple of years now that Houston is just a solid QB away from being a contender.

Baby Groot hug Houston Texans sweatshirt
Baby Groot hug Houston Texans guy v-neck
guy v-neck

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