Today I feel I am Groot shirt, tank top, youth tee

Today I feel I am Groot shirt

That isn’t old Groot, JAmes Gunn has said that the new baby Groot will grow to be older and more powerful than the Groot in Guardians 2. Do you love this film? Buy it now before lose it forever. Only available on Tashirts in few days.

Today I feel I am Groot shirt

Today I feel I am Groot. Complete and utter bullshit. Groot can create smaller versions of himself called “cuttings” which is what he was at the end of GotG. He didn’t really die as James Gunn is claiming. Guy should read a comic book. Groot doesn’t have a “son”.

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Today I feel I am Groot guy shirt
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His spores (shown in GOTG) are his species. So saying groot is dead is technically inaccurate since he can branch off himself to recreate himself (which he himself carries his species, keep up) so saying it’s his son is technically right, he’s a spawn off the original, but groot can continue to die and replant himself through carrying his spores internally.

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Today I feel I am Groot tank top
tank top
Today I feel I am Groot youth tee
youth tee

As long as he isn’t vaporized and something of him can be salvaged, groot can live on. But it’s still groot, just infantile and learning all over again. Almost like being rebirthed. But groot is still groot. Just not the same as his full grown counterpart. Fresh slate.


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