Hakuna Totoro shirt and v-neck

Hakuna Totoro shirt

I’m fairly sure the Totoro bluray will have the original Japanese audio just like the dvd did. Hakuna Totoro. American dubs are always horrible, slightly less in the case of the ghibli movies, but the Japanese is always superior as far as I’ve seen. Then this shirt is perfect for you if you love Totoro.

Hakuna Totoro shirt

I wish they’d just release them all on bluray, instead of making us wait a year for each pair of films. Spirited Away is not on bluray but I wish it were. I guess doing it they way they’re doing it maximizes sales for each film?

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Hakuna Totoro lady shirt
lady shirt

Love the stories, love the drawings. I do not know why we get uglier cartoons as the time goes by hear me CN?. Even if these stories were bad, I still would love them just by the drawings and the colors and for the fact that somebody took time to draw and paint something so aesthetically beautiful. Hakuna Totoro. I love all the movies and what to own all of them its the only movies i would watch over and over again. I have been waiting for years to see Totoro in blueray! You have made my day.

Hakuna Totoro hoodie
Hakuna Totoro lady v-neck
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