Leviosa Hermione Granger strong shirt, hoodie, flowy tank

Leviosa Hermione Granger strong shirt

What i don’t understand is why is Dumbledore teachings defend against the dark arts, when in H.P. it said he was the Transfigurasion teacher? Did I miss something. Leviosa Hermione Granger strong. Buy this shirt now if you love Hermione Granger and Harry Potter.

Leviosa Hermione Granger strong shirt

I think it will become clear once we watch the movie. J.K. Rowling must have written this scene for a reason. I’m very intrigued by the scene so I don’t mind.

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I know that but he was not the datda teacher, I think even McGonaglal was good at teaching anything but they did not show her doing that, they stayed true to the book.  Probably stepped in for a semester or took on the role prior to transfig to prep his students for Grindelwald. Remember he knew what was coming and likely knew how to make sure his students were ready. Also as mentioned above he could teach anything. Isn’t Riddikulus still a Transfiguration spell since one is technically transforming one figure into another? I guess you could argue that there’s some curriculum overlap. Leviosa Hermione Granger strong. He probably taught a number of courses at Hogwarts. He was 112 when he died if that’s any indication Hogwarts was probably his only job. I think people forget that the creator of these characters is writing/a involved in the script and story for all these movies. So she’s being literally as accurate as possible. Cuz, you know, it’s her story and she’s still creating parts we don’t actually know fully yet. Come on now let things unfold it’s going to be great. Very possible he taught this class briefly prior to Tansfig in prep for Grindelwald because he knew he was coming and wanted to prep his students.

Leviosa Hermione Granger strong flowy tank
flowy tank
Leviosa Hermione Granger strong hoodie

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