Goku infinity war gauntlet shirt, sweatshirt, tank top

Goku infinity war gauntlet shirt

In the battle against Cell, Goku sacrificed himself in order to save Earth.What kind of adversary is waiting for him in the Otherworld? Thanos? So fun! Do you love Goku? Great shirt is for you. High quality with 100% cotton, more style and color vaerity that you choose.

Goku infinity war gauntlet shirt

Goku infinity war gauntlet. I’m still in shock in how good the RNG treat me in the Vegeta banner, but hated me in the Goku and legendary summon banner, three Hercule statues in a row and ai have more than 160million so I don’t need zeni at all hehe.

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Goku infinity war gauntlet lady shirt
lady shirt

I did one time and got Paikuhan and Goku. That’s good and enough for me. I will use this Paikuhan on my Goku SSJ4 STR team for sure! The Goku I want but not sure if I will have an opportunity to use. Anyway, this banner is really good to get some good support cards. Worth it a lot! When Dokkan consumes your 50 stones and didn’t get any characters for it. *Waiting patiently for a response from them. Why waste stones on this banner when ssj4 is still up? There’s nothing in this banner thats useful just some alt art stuff.

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Goku infinity war gauntlet sweatshirt
Goku infinity war gauntlet tank top
tank top

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