Thanos supreme shirt, hoodie, youth tee

Thanos supreme shirt

It’s like the start of a bad joke: “A god, a raccoon and a tree Bifrost into Wakanda… Do you love Thanos? Then this shirt for you. High quality with 100% cotton, more style and color vaerity that you choose. Not sold in stores, only available at Tashirts in few days.

Thanos supreme shirt

Best scene in the movie!! thor entrance with the avengers theme….was epic!! Thanos supreme. Intense narrative that barely pauses to allow time to digest!! The chemistry between actors pays off especially having all the big names on screen together. Thor slays 10/10.

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Thanos supreme lady shirt
lady shirt
Thanos supreme youth tee
youth tee
Thanos supreme hoodie

I loved this part of the movie!! My favorite!! But how did Thor, Groot and Rocket get to Wakanda without the bifrost, since Heimdall was killed, Asgard was destroyed and they were last seen in Nidavellir? How it is there is no mention of Martha at all in this film. I mean what if Thanos’ and Steve Roger’s Mothers had the same name. Yeah yeah…I think that it’s pretty weird if those people called some movie “best movie of all time” or something twice every year…and always a different movie. Decide finally! showing only the good ratings defeats the purpose of showing the ratings tbh lol. Good movie though, but only a handful of people care about any of that.

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Thanos supreme shirt (style 2)
Thanos supreme shirt (style 2)


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