The Catvengers shirt, youth tee, v-neck

The Catvengers shirt

If you love Avengers infinity war and cats, then this shirt is perfect for you. Great gift for women and men, they will love it. Buy it now before we sell out. The Catvengers. Not sold in stores, limited time only, more style and color vaerity that you choose. Order today.

The Catvengers shirt

He isn’t dead lol. He went off camera for a minute or two when Thanos was aboard Thor’s ship, do you really think that he didn’t know what was going to happen? He had someone else take his place,made them look like him with magic, made the tesseract appear with magic and then watched his stand in die. I have no doubt that he will be the one who found Thanos and will try to steal the gauntlet because he is Loki.

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The Catvengers lady shirt
lady shirt

If fans are emotionally scarred with his death, imagine how the fans would react when one of the big three (cap, stark and thor) dies. It feels like Loki’s death (considering his role was also ‘big’ in the mcu, appearing for five times, and with an impact to the universe) was preparing us for the next deaths for the next movie. The Catvengers. I would still be emotionally unprepared for it.

The Catvengers lady v-neck
lady v-neck
The Catvengers youth tee
youth tee

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