Star Trek make it sew shirt and hoodie

Star Trek make it sew shirt

While I love the idea of Picard returning, I really really hope that it is not a “dark and gritty” or Star Trek deconstructed. Trek needs to return to a bright and optimistic show, showing how humans could be if we chose to leave behind our pettiness and bigotry. Star Trek make it sew. Buy this shirt now if you want it.

Star Trek make it sew shirt

I hope that this is not being written by the same people that shat all over Star Trek with STD. They need writers that know how to write a coherent, sensible story about the human condition, plots that don’t really on constant deus ex machina to solve ever situation, what Trek is actually about ie not just lots of special effects, cgi and explosions and most importantly write characters that are actually characters rather than what ever the plot calls for this week and likeable.

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Star Trek make it sew lady shirt
lady shirt

They also need to have stories that don’t just reply on big and very obvious nonsensical plot twists. If they do maybe, just maybe there is a chance that they will do Picard justice and not just pervert his and TNG’s legacy like they did tos. Star Trek make it sew. As with STD I will give this show a chance and I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hope that they really don’t mess up Picard and pervert Trek further. Ps: if my opinion offends you and you feel the need to call me names feel free but for the record: I don’t live in a basement my house doesn’t have one, if it did my wife would proobly try to put all my Star Trek stuff down there.

Star Trek make it sew hoodie
Star Trek make it sew long sleeve tee
long sleeve tee

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