Jack Skellington Metallica shirt and long sleeve tee

Jack Skellington Metallica shirt

This began my Heavy Metal journey. I was 14, listening to hair bands, and then THIS came on. I bought the single. I bought the album. I then went backwards and bought the previous albums. Then I read interviews with the members and who influenced them. Sabbath. Priest. Maiden. Off I went to backtrack further, never looking back. But it all. Started. Here 27 years ago. Jack Skellington Metallica. Buy this shirt now if you love Metallica too.

Jack Skellington Metallica shirt

Despite losing my job, I went out on a limb and bought tickets nearly a year in advance so my boys could go to their very first concert Metallica!

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Jack Skellington Metallica long sleeve tee
long sleeve tee

They only want to see them in concert and I have been asking them for a few years and looking for tickets I could afford for a couple of years. I have been keeping this a secret since January or February and the concert is not until January 2019! Due to finances, this is my big present and maybe only present for them this Christmas. Any great ideas on how to have them open the gift? Jack Skellington Metallica. I honestly have not been to a concert except one at the age of 46. I am not smart with music but know they will be so excited. They are just now 15 and 16. We are in Tulsa, ok. Thanks for ideas!

Jack Skellington Metallica lady shirt
lady shirt
Jack Skellington Metallica tank top
tank top

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