Clever Girl Jurassic Park shirt and hoodie

Clever Girl Jurassic Park shirt

It looks like they cast the same raptor for blue. That makes me happy. I wonder what kind of movies she is going to do after this. I just hope she doesn’t get pigeonholed into doing the same, angry raptor parts all the time, ya know? Clever Girl Jurassic Park. I hope she can get a few casting options that show her other strengths. Buy this shirt now if you want it.

Clever Girl Jurassic Park shirt

Isn’t this exactly the storyline for Lost World? Evil military guys and survivors go back to the island. Dinosaurs get captured. Dinosaurs come to mainland. Dinosaur escapes. Jeff Goldblum is there.

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Clever Girl Jurassic Park lady shirt
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This is going to be worse than The Last Jedi but it’s Jurassic Park so take my money, take all of it. They could sit in a padded room for 3 hours throwing stuffed Dino’s at each other making growling sounds and it would still be better than the last Jedi. Unless Alan Grant shows up and inexplicably starts hating dinosaurs and takes no action until the very end in which he just stands there til he dies. Clever Girl Jurassic Park. I doubt it. How can you even compare the 2 movies. This is going to be the greatest film since the first movie came out.

Clever Girl Jurassic Park hoodie
Clever Girl Jurassic Park sweatshirtClever Girl Jurassic Park sweatshirt

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