Baby Groot hug love Blue shirt and v-neck

Baby Groot hug love Blue shirt

Did any of you watch jurrasic world fallen kingdom,if yes tell me your thoughts about it. Blue (Jurrasic World) v.s Van Pelt (Jumanji 1995 movie version). Location: Manhattan Island, NY  so neither has the advantage. Blue has somehow escaped to Manhattan and is loose running amuck. Van Pelt has escaped the board game and has heard tales of Blue and decides to hunt him down for sport. Does the hunter succeed or himself become the hunted? Baby Groot hug love Blue. Buy this shirt now if you love it.

Baby Groot hug love Blue shirt

The location and its populace should be taken into consideration as envirommental factors aswell. Also Van pelt would have access to both his musket and his modern sniper rifle. I think the spiders alone from the movie would give blue trouble despite the raptor speed and if not the bees and monkeys.

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Baby Groot hug love Blue lady shirt
lady shirt

The smaller creatures are enough to stop blue and van pelt lives there and hunts much larger creatures. Can u send the instructions on how to put together the cut out jetplane at the back of koko crunch box?  Baby Groot hug love Blue. We watched this movie last night in cinema with my 3 kids its extra ordinary amazing. We loved it and its worth it.

Baby Groot hug love Blue guy v-neck
guy v-neck
Baby Groot hug love Blue lady v-neck
lady v-neck

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