Notorious BEA Arthur shirt, hoodie, tank top

Notorious B.E.A Arthur shirt

Love Beautiful Bea Arthur. Notorious BEA Arthur. She’s the Queen of one liners. Figured out which one was Shinola Rose? Among many, many others. TrulyThe Greatest Show on Earth. Happy day my idol. Buy this shirt now if you love her.

Notorious BEA Arthur shirt

I always watched them when I was growing up and now I still watch the reruns. With my children and they love them. And they know every line and the theme song.

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Notorious B.E.A Arthur lady shirt
lady shirt

Whenever I am sad, this show always gives me a smile…medicine that was created in the 80’s. I love you Golden The Golden Girls. Thank you. You were an original, one of a kind. Those dagger looks, those one liners! All class. Wherever you are today you are missed on planet earth. To feed the cat rose!!! Mr. Ha ha , how would you like a pie on your face. happy birthday Dorothy. Notorious BEA Arthur.It’s no wonder why I didn’t breastfeed her. Golden girls was part of nbc must see Saturday night back in the day! I think empty nest deserves to also be in syndication tv like golden girls is these days. Finally watching The Golden Palace!!!! She’s not in all the episodes but still makes her appearance.

Notorious B.E.A Arthur hoodie
Notorious B.E.A Arthur tank top
tank top

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