Polka Will Nerver Die shirt, v-neck, flowy tank

Polka Will Nerver Die shirt

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Polka Will Nerver Die shirt

Chickens are coming home to roost – Trump Inauguration Committee Under Criminal Investigation Over Spending. The walls are closing in on the Trump Crime family. We want protection from illegals,migrants,and all others who want to take our america away from us.

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How does starving a 7-year old girl and not giving her water until she died of dehydration and exhaustion fall under the rule of law? Totally legal because she was on American soil. Polka Will Nerver Die. Our government has allowed them to come and remain by giving them every bit of assistance they want. Stop with all the assistance and they will self-deport. If only Trudeau could be counted on to afford Canada the same protection! What’s the total amount of money trump’s spent on hookers and the hush money for them? What about your immigrant wives – were they here legally when you married them? Or are your kids with those women anchor babies? What about ‘chain migration’ with your latest wife’s parents.

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