Rafiki holding Jack Daniel’s shirt, hoodie, v-neck

Rafiki holding Jack Daniel's shirt

In 2016, Indian Motorcycle joined forces with the Jack Daniel’s Distillery to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Jack Daniel’s. The result? A line of limited edition custom motorcycles that served as a testament to everything we love about two legendary companies. Rafiki holding Jack Daniel’s. Buy this shirt now if you love Jack Daniel’s.

Rafiki holding Jack Daniel’s shirt

And the legendary owner of number 20 tracey fellows150 riding his beautiful vintage around Oz to raise awareness for the black do gin stitute. We were more than happy to Service, detail and fit new tyres to get Tracey back on the road to complete the Tassie leg of his journey.

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Rafiki holding Jack Daniel's lady shirt
lady shirt

My name is Jack Daniels and I was found as a stray. My owners never came for me so I am ready for the next chapter in my life. I am such a love and quite the happy boy with quite the purr! You can probably hear it from miles away. The minute you come to visit me I am at your feet in a split second to show some love and ask for some in return! When I arrived to FOA I was very thin/underweight so we did chemistry tests, blood work and checked my thyroid as well. Rafiki holding Jack Daniel’s. All tests came back normal and nothing showed why I was so thin. I am between the ages of 8 10 years so my weight could have something to do with my age. Sometimes it can be hard for kitties to gain weight or keep weight on as they get older. I’m definitely an active boy and you would never guess my age thats for sure! I get along extremely well with other cats, so I would most likely do very well in a home with children and even dogs.

Rafiki holding Jack Daniel's lady v-neck
lady v-neck
Rafiki holding Jack Daniel's hoodie

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