Rick Pikachu mashup – I’m Pikarick shirt, v-neck, hoodie

Rick Pikachu mashup - I’m Pikarick shirt

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Rick Pikachu mashup – I’m Pikarick shirt

I thank the Lord every single day for you President Trump! We desperately needed a president that would put our country first for a change! Your rhetoric and tweets have made America worst.

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This is the only President who is doing what he promised. China has been a ongoing issue for decades. Criticism needs to stop especially when it comes from those who failed to do what was needed when they had the opportunity. If these people critical of him have nothing positive to say and cannot stand with the man, back off and let him do his job as he chooses. It’s a fact that our President is one of the best. Rick Pikachu mashup – I’m Pikarick. Working constantly on behalf of the American people.Never takes a dime for being this Country’s Leader and President.America is doing great under his presidency and everything goes as planned.We will definitely vote for him again.

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