Spider Ham it can get weirder shirt, hoodie, sweatshirt

Spider Ham it can get weirder shirt

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Spider Ham it can get weirder shirt

It’s time for these young men young men and women to finally come home .After all these guys are ,fathers ,mothers brothers and sisters to someone .Why should they die indefinitely for the sake of the middle East .Its time that Syria.

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If we were really trying to win a war in Syria or Afghanistan that would be something but we’re not. 17 years, countless lives lost, no end in sight, just spending money and keeping the arms dealers. There probably will be dire consequences but I don’t blame him. Fish or cut bait. Maybe when we go back in a few years they’ll be a real goal. Spider Ham it can get weirder. I am little concerned that fully withdrawing will allow ISIS and other organizations, or even worse ones, will spring up from eastern Syria where ISIS is still fighting. I think I kind of understand the Syria decision. How long have we been there? In all that time, despite in depth training that the US has provided their army with, they have yet to defend themselves. We are throwing good money after bad all while risking American lives.

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