Best Dad in the Galaxy shirt, flowy tank, sweatshirt

Best Dad in the Galaxy shirt
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If you love Dad and love too Star Wars? Or you know someone like that, this shirt is perfect for you. Limited time only, buy it now before lose it forever.

Best Dad in the Galaxy shirt

A Love Letter from DAD (your Heavenly Father). Best Dad in the Galaxy. My precious Child, I am sending you a little love note to let you know I love you! You know that I have created you for My pleasure and enjoyment. Every parent looks at their child as the only one, with their own personality and looks and talents. You bless Me just by looking up and saying back to Me that you love Me. I appreciate your words of thanks for the things that I personally have given to you to help you in your daily walk in this life here on earth.

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Best Dad in the Galaxy lady shirt
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I told you that not everyone would like you and appreciate you like I do. I have given you the best Helper in life that you could possibly have and that is the Holy Spirit. He is the one that communicates to you on behalf of Jesus and Myself. Have you noticed that He never gets angry with you or puts you down. We all are for you and We are more excited than you are when you find an answer in life to a situation that you can’t figure out by yourself. You know that We have given to you the best love letter that We could write.

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Best Dad in the Galaxy sweatshirt

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