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Supreme Stranger Things shirt

Doesn’t sound like Will or anyone else is safe in season 3 of Stranger Things. All in all, Stranger Things season 2 might not have received quite as unanimously glowing reviews as the first season, but the sophomore run of Netflix’s smash-hit sci-fi drama was still a barnstorming success whatever way you look at it. In particular, it evolved many of the characters in some interesting ways. Perhaps most of all, Steve Harrington was not only redeemed but became one of the most entertaining members of the cast. Do you like Stranger Things? Then this shirt for you!

Supreme Stranger Things shirt

Supreme Stranger Things. Back in season 1, Joe Keery’s Steve was a stereotypical bully and high school jock, though he apologized for his behavior by the end of the run. In season 2, the character morphed into the surrogate babysitter for Dustin, Mike and the rest of the kids as they chased monsters through Hawkins. It created a terrific, instantly fan favourite dynamic, so it’s nice to hear that “Dad Steve” will definitely be back in season 3.

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Fox is moving back Dark Phoenix and New Mutants. There’s more fuel for the speculative fire about a certain big DC hero cameoing in Shazam. Plus, the return of Dad Steve on Stranger Things! To me, my spoilers! Aside from Steve, Levy likewise had one other delicious chunk of data about season 3 to share. He uncovered that, truly, the following run will be set in 1985. This takes after the example of the past seasons being divided a year separated. In spite of the fact that it’s a to some degree fundamental narrating gadget to clarify the high school cast’s ages, the time-hops additionally fill in as an approach to give the show more 80s popular culture to dive into. For example, season 2 was set in 1984, which enabled it to reference that year’s Ghostbusters. Similarly, we’d wagered great cash that season 3 will highlight a gesture to 1985’s Back to the Future. Because of the bustling timetables of all included, it’s feasible that Stranger Things season 3 won’t land until 2019. As usual, however, watch this space for additional.

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Supreme Stranger Things long sleeve tee
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Supreme Stranger Things lady shirt
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