Carry on My Wayward Son shirt, longsleeve tee, baseball tee

Carry on My Wayward Son shirt

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Carry on My Wayward Son shirt

Also remember this all living presidents including this one before he passed away had the opportunity to support President Donald Trump none of them does real sad. And along with celebrating the service of a president legally elected, our country celebrated the beginning of the end of an illegally elected con man.

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And part of the real news is that you were only invited to prevent your usual meltdown on twitter and were prevented from speaking to prevent your usual self-aggrandizement your bored, annoyed, pouting behavior at the service was noted by the world. Yet you couldn’t place your hand over your heart like everyone else? Carry on My Wayward Son. You couldn’t even stay awake during the ceremony! Fake Republican! Okay, serious question for any Trump supporter. Can you imagine anything – anything at all – that Donald Trump could do, right in front of you, that might possibly make you waver in your defence of him? And, if you can, what would it be?

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