Yu-Gi-Oh adidas shirt, tank top and hoodie

Yu-Gi-Oh adidas shirt
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Your old Yu-Gi-Oh cards could be worth a fortune. Yu-Gi-Oh adidas. Yeah… but no. This isn’t accurate. And beside your cards need to be flawless, if there is even the tinies, slightest litle scratch on the foil or anywhere else the price drops drastically. Do you love this shirt?

Yu-Gi-Oh adidas shirt

Finally, someone in this comment section who knows what they’re talking about. And even the SJC Cyber Stein and CCV aren’t worth anywhere near what this vid says. Maybe a grand and a half for each?

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Yu-Gi-Oh adidas lady shirt
lady shirt

There was an alternate art BEUD which was first prize at the 1998 Asian tournament I think? One of a kind, that’s the only card I’ve ever heard of worth that much excluding Tyler the Great Warrior obv. Yeah there’s lots of obscure prize cards from the early days like the caricature ones from 2001. From a yugioh vendor. Almost all of these prices are incorrect, by a LONG shot. Yu-Gi-Oh adidas. Example. Pinch hopper is under $2 for any printing. And if a card IS worth something, it’s very important to make sure you have the right set number. Example would be DDS-001 blue eyes white dragon. Worth a couple hundred or more depending on condition. But a SSDC EN004 is a common from a deck you can buy in the store and worth about a buck.

Yu-Gi-Oh adidas tank top
tank top
Yu-Gi-Oh adidas hoodie

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