Jesus It’s in my DNA shirt, v-neck, long sleeve tee

It's in my DNA Jesus shirt

I am an ardent believer of immortality, believing that all must die or death is inevitable for all just doesn’t sit well with me. There’s no way I can be persuaded otherwise. Jesus It’s in my DNA. Do you beleive in God? Then this shirt for you.

Jesus It’s in my DNA shirt

Basic understand of who a human being is shows that man is in constant seeking of solutions to every challenge. Death is equally a challenge. The fact that you are born again but still you do not want to die even with the knowledge that you are going to a better place has a lot to reveal even beyond what hits your consciousness.

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It's in my DNA Jesus guy shirt
guy shirt

The scientific field has been seeking this solution. They believe it’s possible to crack this code. The truth is this code will one time be cracked. Now, I ask Him again, so you mean we need to have Enoch kind of translation but still live in the earth? He said, the Enoch translation is inferior in the subject we are talking about, John the disciple experienced the Enoch kind of translation. Mark this, the disciple John did not die but was translated. Jesus asked me, do you think I was joking when I said what if I will that he remains till I come?

It's in my DNA Jesus v-neck
It's in my DNA Jesus long sleeve tee
long sleeve tee

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