Unicorn 1st Grade Squad shirt and crewneck sweatshirt

Unicorn 1st Grade Squad shirt

Today I stand the proud aunty of this Amazing, Intelligent, Caring, Loving and most of all Hard Working Young Lady Faith Morris. Congratulations on passing your SEA Examination and for attaining your First Choice Cowen Hamilton Secondary School. Unicorn 1st grade squad. Buy this shirt now if you love school.

Unicorn 1st Grade Squad shirt

Give respect to all beings. Everyone wants a happy peaceful life. Let’s make it beautiful together by being there for each other. Don’t let these experiences make you weak by making you believe violence or abuse is a strength.

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Unicorn 1st Grade Squad guy shirt
guy shirt

Let these experiences make you strong by understanding how powerful love is. Don’t hate anyone or blame anyone for how they treat you or others. Help them understand. We are all unaware so forgive everyone. Our eyes are open but we’re actually sleeping. Wake up and increase awareness. Love life. I’m sharing this because I want you all to know that all of us instinctively know what’s wrong and we always kept quiet thinking we gotta give respect but at the same time, we also supported violence. You know it very well in your heart when you’re being treated badly and when there is phycological violence.  Unicorn 1st grade squad. None of us deserve to live this way. To live in fear. Don’t keep the pain inside as it will make you bitter and the same as the ones to inflict pain.

Unicorn 1st Grade Squad lady shirt
lady shirt
Unicorn 1st Grade Squad crewneck sweatshirt
crewneck sweatshirt

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