Grinch Cup of Fuckoffee mug, shirt

Grinch Cup of Fuckoffee mug

I’ve gained weight, but surprisingly I feel okay about that. I know why, and I know what to do to regain control of that particular topic! I’ve let go of A LOT of heartache; finally putting to bed an unhealthy relationship and cutting all ties. Grinch Cup of Fuckoffee. Buy it now if you want it.

Grinch Cup of Fuckoffee mug

I’ve dated some great people, some not so great, learning really what I want along the way, which led me to Matthew. I’ve learnt that as crazy as I find it he really does love me. And that’s magical. Its okay to be loved and to love. It’s okay to be happy within yourself AND find happiness with others.

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Grinch Cup of Fuckoffee mug version 2
version 2

It’s possible for love to be easy. of course every couple have their moments, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be an up-hill struggle every day. It’s true that someone will love you exactly as you are. And it’s true that you can love someone exactly as they are. I bought my first home, which hasn’t been easy and has cost me a lot more than I’d anticipated. Grinch Cup of Fuckoffee. I’ve got myself in debt because of it and I’m financially stretched to the absolute maximum, but I wouldn’t go back and not be a home-owner. I would make the same decision again, but maybe with a different flat.

Grinch Cup of Fuckoffee mug version 3
version 3
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version 4
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